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Jim Miller is a native Californian. He has resided in San Diego since 1954 and in Coronado since 1989. He recently retired from his position as Purchasing Manager at Solar Turbines after spending 25 years with the Caterpillar subsidiary. Jim is an army veteran and currently chairs the Coronado Civil Service Commission.

His hobbies include reading, jogging, kayaking and, of course, painting. He is planning to make six stained glass windows for the new home he and his wife Kathy recently built. He is a self-taught artist, having worked in pencil and charcoal over the past 18 years. He has sold several hundred limited edition prints and acrylic originals.. He began working with acrylics in 1997 and until recently had not been offering any of his original works for sale.

Most of Jim's paintings have been influenced by his travels to Europe and the mid-west. He and his wife travel to Traverse City, Michigan each summer, where they spend their time in cottages on Lake Michigan. His home state of California has been a big influence on him as well, with its diversity and colorful landscapes.

Most of Jim's work  in acrylics has been in landscapes. He enjoys getting into detail as can be seen in most of his works. He enjoys using bold colors and painting scenes of places we would all like to escape to.
He feels each new painting should stretch an artist's ability and add at least one new dimension to his skills. Jim's trademark is a small painting or snippet of an upcoming piece on the back of his paintings. His wife, Kathy, is an elementary school teacher, and daughter Heidi is an Occupational Therapist. Kathy is very supportive of Jim's painting and tolerates his occasional use of the dining room table as his studio. 

And then, there is Axel...

Jim's e-mail is omenajim@yahoo.com

Walk out the studio door and see Jim's Field of Poppies

Jim and Kathy's new home on Lake Michigan